Over the last few years Pilentum Television has produced more than 450 model train videos.

Videos № 001 - № 050
Collection № 001 - № 050 contains the oldest video productions. Among them are such beautiful layouts as the largest O scale model train layout in Europe, a documentary about the Dresden Railroad Museum and its model railway layout, one of the largest model railway layouts in Switzerland in O scale, a report about the great model railway layout in 1 Gauge at the Hamburg Museum, a layout tour of the Miniatur Wunderland and the Hara Model Railway Museum, the largest model train show in Japan, and a lot of videos about vintage tinplate trains as well as historical tin plate toys by Maerklin.

Videos № 051 - № 100
Collection № 051 - № 100 contains videos shot in 2014 and 2015. For example, there are videos about all layouts of the great model railway exhibition, called Eurospoor, in Utrecht, Netherlands. Furthermore there are also some videos of real steam locomotives or live steam engines built in 1 gauge. During this production period, Pilentum has optimized the camera technology for cab ride videos, so that many movies can be seen from the perspective of the train driver in 1/87 scale, 1/32 scale, 1/45 scale and even in 1/160 scale. Of course there are also reports on the large permanent model railway exhibitions, for example the Miniature World Rotterdam, the largest model railway exhibition in the Netherlands, Germany's largest Maerklin digital model train layout in HO scale or the world's largest meeting of 5 inch live steam models.

Videos № 101 - № 150
Collection № 101 - № 150 covers Pilentum’s production period of 2015 and 2016. The four-hour documentary about the great Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany, deserves special mention. There are also individual video productions about the historical model railway layout at Transport Museum Winterswijk or about the fantastic miniature world built by the Modelspoor Group Nienoord. A special exhibition was the so-called “US Convention Germany”, an exhibition of US dioramas and layouts created by German model makers. Furthermore, there are also a large number of videos about layouts on which more and more miniature cars and vehicles drive. These are the digital model car systems, known as Faller Car System or DC-Car System. A particularly popular video among viewers is the documentary about the model airport located inside the Miniatur Wunderland. This video generated millions of views.

Videos № 151 - № 200
Collection № 151 - № 200 contains amazing videos shot in 2016. Pilentum was invited to film the superb model railway layout at the Kaeserberg Railway Foundation in Switzerland. This is one of the most authentic model railroad layouts in the world. More than 30 new videos were produced at the Eurospoor model train show in Utrecht, Netherlands, and at the International Model Railway Exhibition in Cologne, Germany. During this time the contact to railway clubs and model builders from all over Europe was established. Pilentum followed invitations to Spain and Italy to shoot documentations of club layouts.

Videos № 201 - № 250
Collection № 201 - № 250 still contains videos produced in 2016. An invitation, which Pilentum has received several times in the meantime, has been issued by Hans-Peter Porsche. Often Pilentum was invited by Porsche's Model Railway Museum (Traumwerk) to capture the incredible super-sized miniature world depicting Austria, Switzerland and Germany. But also other, great layouts were filmed, for example the Munich Model Railway Museum (meanwhile closed) and the new section inside the Miniatur Wunderland, namely the dreamlike model railway layout of Italy. Both Porsche's Traumwerk and Miniatur Wunderland's Bella Italia represent the state of the art of rail transport modelling in Germany. Furthermore Pilentum has filmed magnificent layouts built by scale model artists Josef Brandl, Bernhard Stein, Hans Louvet as well as Gordon and Maggie Gravett. In 2016, the first video production with footage material was created: Thomas C. Groff, Choo Choo Barn Owner, sent individual video data over the Internet to Pilentum so that a documentary about this model train layout in Strasburg, Pennsylvania, USA, could be edited.

Videos № 251 - № 300
Collection № 251 - № 300 consists of videos that were shot in 2017 and 2018, including in particular films made at the international modeling show Intermodellbau in Dortmund, Germany, at the beloved exhibition Modelspoor Expo in Leuven, Belgium, and at the toy and model fair in Leizpig, Germany. Numerous videos were produced, for example about the award-winning model railway layout, called Knaresborough - The Worlds End, built by Peter Goss, definitely one of the finest OO gauge layouts in British railway modelling. Also the great model railroad layout in Berlin, Germany, consisting of 9,680 square feet of model landscape in 1/87 scale, was filmed, shortly before its final closure. A special video was made when Pilentum visited a garden railway: The movie is called “Big Boys and Great Toys” showing live steam locomotives and real steam trains in a backyard. In addition, the superb steam locomotive on Porsche's park railway was captured on video, as well as one of Germany's finest and most famous model railway, called Modellbundesbahn.

Videos № 301 - № 350
Video in collection № 301 - № 350 were made in 2018. These films show the beautiful model railroad layouts that were presented at the Belgian Modelspoor Expo and at the great Warley Model Railway Exhibition in Birmingham, United Kingdom. Both exhibitions have presented the best in model railroading and railway modelling, for example Ivo Schraepen's Kempenland, François Joyau's Petite Ceinture of Paris, Hubert and Laurent Bertrand's Train de la Moder, John Dowrick's Haversham Central, Pascal Hubert's Robertmonts and many others. Also in 2018 the production technology of cutting and editing footage material was used by Pilentum: A short documentation was created about Howard Zane's Piermont Division, one of the finest and most famous model railroad layouts in the United States.

Videos № 351 - № 400
In collection № 351 - № 400, videos of mind blowing railway layouts at the Warley National Model Railway Exhibition, United Kingdom, created in 2018 and 2019 predominate. Furthermore, there are videos that were made at the Intermodellbau Show and the Faszination Modellbahn exhibit in Germany. During this production phase Pilentum also refined the camera technology by converting small cube cameras for video recording on miniature cars. The video “Trains and Trucks”, for example, describes the use of the Runcam 5 camera which is being used as a car system cab ride camera on the streets of a model railroad Layout. In 2019, there were also invitations to film large club layouts from other European countries, among others Modelljärnväg Hässleholm, the largest permanent model railroad layout in Sweden.

Videos № 401 - № 450
Collection № 401 - № 450 contains videos of miniature worlds from different European countries, for example “Treni in Transito”, the superb Italian model railroad layout built by Carlo Viganò, Tony Koester's “Nickel Plate Road”, the modular model railway of Gruppo Fermodellistico Tartaruga from Italy, Jaime Ruz' superb Märklin model trains and model buildings from Chile, the Krogsgaardsmodelbane made by Jens Krogsgaard from Denmark, the amazing club layouts built by Club des Trains Miniatures de l’Omois, France, and Delftse Modelbouwvereniging, Netherlands. A particularly beautiful video shows Rickard Arvius Swedish miniature world built in HO scale (1/87) based on Märklin C tracks.

Videos № 451 - № 500
This collection contains the latest videos of miniature worlds, model railways and model railroads that are produced by Pilentum Television.


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