Are you ready to present your model train layout on Pilentum Television? You can present your layout to the world by using Pilentum Television's popularity for reaching millions of viewers - completely free! Pilentum reaches millions of viewers every month. Viewers from all over the world enjoy model trains and miniature worlds.

All over the world, there are model railroaders and railway enthusiasts as well as model train clubs who have created superb miniature worlds or magnificent dioramas. Unfortunately, Pilentum cannot visit every layout. But now you can upload videos of your model railway layout or model railroad layout to Pilentum. All you need is a camera, camcorder, smartphone, cell phone or mobile phone.

Are you ready to present your model train layout on Pilentum Television?

You shoot video clips of your model train layout. These video clips can show trains, landscapes, buildings, etc. It is important that the camera or the mobile phone is not being moved. Do not move or pan the camera because there is nothing worse than shaky videos. It is best to use a tripod if available. When you've made the videos, upload them to “WeTransfer”. This is a free online service to transfer large data over the Internet.

After uploading Pilentum can download your video clips and create a beautiful video presentation. Pilentum will edit your video clips and translate your description into different languages. Of course, your name or your club or your website will be mentioned as reference. Finally, all services are free of charge! Pilentum does not charge a fee. It's all about presenting your work, your model railway or your model railroad layout to a worldwide audience.

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Pilentum Television is the largest international video network for railway modelling and model railroading. Pilentum’s website is available in many other languages.