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The fantastic miniature world of model railroading and railway modelling in Germany

The Miniature Wonderland is the world‘s largest model railway, located in the city of Hamburg, Germany. More than 15 million visitors - from all over the world - have already visited this famous model railroad exhibition. Spreading over more than 1,500 square meters, a unique and outstanding exhibition built in HO scale arose in 760,000 man hours - and it keeps on growing. Next to sophisticated technologies, the Miniature Wonderland is known for its captivating richness of detail. There are 250,000 figures lovingly set in scene. There are moving cars and ships. And, at the miniature airport airplanes are taking off and landing every minute. The Miniature Wonderland is a breathtaking miniature world unmatched anywhere in this world. Every year more and more visitors are discovering the Miniature Wonderland. But also behind the scenes, there is a lot to report: For example, currently more than 360 people are working there. From technicians to art students - the whole team is going to create new worlds in HO scale. The great exhibit invites its visitors to dream and to observe. And, visitors get the possibility to look at our world from a totally different perspective. Although the model trains - sometimes - disappear in the background, however, not only the creation of these amazing landscapes makes Miniature Wonderland so unique. It is also the innovative high-technology, which has never been installed in model railway layouts before. This technology, hidden within the impressive landscapes, is an important factor for the fascination and uniqueness. For example: 385,000 lights, which are dynamically controlled by a self-developed light control system, provide an almost perfect simulation of day and night. Of course, also approximately 300 amazing miniature cars must be mentioned, which are controlled by several computers. Finally, Germany’s Miniature Wonderland is not only a normal model railway exhibition, but a miniature world - for the young and the old - which invites its visitors in many ways to marvel, to dream, and to discover. So, please: Visit Germany. Visit Hamburg. And, visit the Miniature Wonderland. Thank you, and keep on watching Pilentum.

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