Model Train Paradise for Steam Locomotive - Arnold’s Märklin Model Railroad in Gauge 1 (1:32 Scale)

Model Train Paradise for Steam Locomotive - Arnold’s Märklin Model Railroad in Gauge 1 (1:32 Scale)

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Model train layouts in 1 gauge (1/32 scale) are always something special. The dimensions of the locomotives and the noises are a great adventure. Therefore, in this video we discover an amazing Märklin model railroad layout that was built by Arnold who lives in the Netherlands. Arnold loves model railroading and he loves watching his steam locos circulating on his gauge 1 layout which has a size of 12.5 x 5.5 meters.

Because he is a true railway enthusiast, he has positioned several chairs in his hobby room so that he can look at his model trains from different perspectives. Often he sits with a cup of tea or a cup of coffee very close to the rail tracks for watching the passing trains. Arnold has been building this model railway layout for two years. Before that, he had built two HO scale model railway layouts. With each model rail layout, he has become more and more involved in designing landscapes, because that is what he likes to do best. Therefore, he creates his model railroad sections very true to nature with lots of trees and rocky edges. He picked up his talent from the German model builder Josef Brandl. He studied his books and watched model-making videos on YouTube for many years to practise.

For Arnold, there is nothing better than watching small, large, modern and historic trains pass through his naturally designed landscape. He is also a fan of railway stations and signal boxes, so he has installed four stations on the layout, namely replicas of Chur, Tiefenbach, Benneckenstein and Alexisbad. Likewise, many signal boxes can be found on the layout. He named two after his family name, namely “Groosheim” and “Groos”. Although he takes his inspiration from the railway infrastructure of southern Germany and Switzerland, the landscape of his model railway is a product of his fantasy. He used the background as a basis for the construction of his layout. He adapted the landscape and the routing of the tracks to the background. Thus, for example, a large mountain with a tunnel was created.

In fact, anyone who enters Arnold’s hobby room is immediately infected with the railway modelling hobby when the steam trains are blowing out their smoke and the room gradually fills with blue clouds of steam. The smell, says Arnold, is simply wonderful! The rolling stock is almost from Maerklin. The locomotives are equipped with the original (MFX/DC) decoders, which provide both a lot of steam and deceptively real sounds. There are also locomotives in used made by KM1, KISS, ESU and MBW. A total of 50 locomotives, almost 70 freight wagons and 24 passenger coaches are running inside Arnold’s miniature world. All trains and locomotives are operated digitally, so Arnold can control railway operations by his iPad.

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