Model Railroad HO Scale Cold Water Junction - Model Train Layout and Budd RDC (Rail Diesel Cars)

Model Railroad HO Scale Cold Water Junction - Model Train Layout and Budd RDC (Rail Diesel Cars)

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In this video, we discover the fabulous model train layout built in HO scale by Gerrit Schoenmaker. The model railroad layout depicts the north eastern part of the United States, especially the state of New Hampshire. Hidden between hills and mountains, the fictional town of Cold Water is located. The town is characterized by a large railroad junction of branch lines used by the former Boston and Maine Railroad, which - after several takeovers - now operates as CSX Transportation.

The model railway reflects the 1950’s and 1960’s when Boston and Maine Railroad was important for freight traffic for the local industry and for passenger train service in the region. Therefore, we discover many scale models of the famous Budd Rail Diesel Car, also known as Budd RDC or Budd Car or Buddliner. On the HO scale layout, two Budd diesel multiple unit (DMU) railcars provide passenger transport between the cities of Springfield and Boston.

Furthermore in Gerrit Schoenmaker’s miniature world of North America, local shunting is handled by a pair of diesel locomotives hired by the Santa Fe Railway Company. While the freight cars are supplied mainly from neighboring New York State, the locomotives are supplied by the former New York Central Railroad.

The model railroad called “Cold Water Junction”, designed to teach viewers about U.S. railroad history, was presented during the prominent exhibition “Modeltrein Expo On traXS” at the National Railway Museum of the Netherlands in Utrecht. An unbelievable number of visitors stood in front of this model railroad from morning to night, so that video shooting became a challenge for Pilentum Television.

Despite the high noise level of the spectators, some nice video shots were taken, for example of the big railroad crossing with the Greyhound bus stop in the background, of the small railroad crossing next to the Conoco Gas Station with the vintage advertisement for “Dr. Swett’s Root Beer” as well as of the signal box and the freight loading station.

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