The Superb Porsche Model Railway Layout inside the Dream Factory Museum in HO scale

There are many ways or ideas in model railroading or in railway modelling for designing and constructing a permanent model railway exhibition. On the one hand, as you know, there is the beautiful “Miniatur Wunderland” in Hamburg, Germany. It is the world’s largest model railroad exhibit, a destination for families and a great tourist attraction. On the other hand, there is, for example, the “Modellbundesbahn”, one of the finest model railways built in HO scale in Germany.

Of course, there are also many superb model railway layouts throughout Europe, also in the United States, in Russia, in Australia or in Asia, especially in Japan. Apart from the commercial model train exhibitions, there are model train clubs around the world building absolute amazing layouts with great attention to detail. And all these model railway layouts deserve to be presented on Pilentum Television. But sometimes, there are such extraordinary model railway exhibitions that we rate not only in size or in detail, but also in their unique beauty. One of these special exhibitions is - without any doubt - the model railway from Hans-Peter Porsche, the grandson of the famous automotive designer, Ferdinand Porsche.

Hans-Peter Porsche created a museum for model trains and tinplate toys in Southern Germany, in the district of Berchtesgaden. In the German language we call this museum “TraumWerk”, meaning something like “Dream Factory” in the English language. The “Dream Factory” is a 365 square meter model railway reaching five meters high. The precision found in this miniature world is nothing short of impressive. Model trains travel through the most beautiful regions of the Alps. It is a lovingly designed piece of Europe in miniature containing Austria, Switzerland and Germany in HO scale.

A model railroad specialist and his team were building this model railway over a period of two years. In total, there are more than 180 trains. At least 50 of them are running along at the same time on nine separate electrical sections while the other trains are parking in 32 fiddle yards or hidden stations below the installation. The digital model railway control system is based on decoders and devices of Rautenhaus Company, using the Selectrix protocol and digital command control (DCC). Below the installation, there are sixteen computers to operate locos, cars, light effects and much more.

Furthermore, four technicians are constantly taking care of the railway traffic in the control room. As you can see, these are no cab rides using the camera in front of the loco. This time, Pilentum has installed the camera on the side of a rail car to imitate a train passenger’s view. Furthermore, this camera setting offers the best view of the entire model railroad system. I know, dear friends of Pilentum Television, some criticize buildings, locomotives and trains are not weathered. Others complain that the pantographs of the electric locomotives are not in operation.

In that sense, Porsche’s model railway layout is not as realistic as we expect. But the dimensions of Porsche’s model railway layout are really unique. Now, enjoy this video, share it with friends or write a comment. And, don’t forget to visit this layout when you are going to make a journey to Germany.

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