One of Europe’s largest model railway exhibitions: The ArsTECNICA model railroad in H0 scale

We have to go back in time. In March 1997, one of the first and largest digital model railways in Europe was opened in Losheim, a small town on the border between Belgium and Germany. At that time, the model railroad exhibition was called “Euro Tecnica”. In the first years, a total of 800 meters of catenary and 1,200 meters of tracks in scale H0 were installed.

Later, the railway network grew to 2,000 meters of tracks and the exhibition area of the model railway layout increased from 110 m² to 200 m². Also the name of the exhibition was changed. For several years, it is called “ArsTECNICA”. The model railway is digitally controlled via two PC systems. On the railway network there are 125 trains.

40 trains can drive at the same time, while the other trains are parked in waiting position in special shadow stations or hidden yards. For the system not the system of Märklin in alternating current (AC, three-wire), but the two-wire system in direct current (DC) is used, for example ROCO or FLEISCHMANN. For additional reality and movements, a car system is used on the model railroad display. This car system is built in 16 different sections.

20 vehicles can drive at the same time. In total, there are 40 vehicles, for example, trucks and cars and buses. The model railway layout presents typical features of Germany, especially of the Eifel region. The Eifel is a low mountain range in western Germany and eastern Belgium. Of course, there are also half-timbered houses, castles and palaces. The audience of Pilentum Television will recognize very quickly, that this model railroad is a bit older. The model trains are typical scale models of the railway era of the 1990's.

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