Model Railroad Layout of the City of Tilff in Belgium - Very realistic railway modelling in HO scale

The model railway society, called “Artevelde Miniatuur Spoorweg Amateurs Club” (AMSAC), located in the city of Ghent, Belgium, is one of Belgium’s leading club in rail transport modelling. For building their latest HO scale model railroad layout the members were inspired by the railway station of the city of Tilff in Belgium.

If you are using “Google Earth” or “Google Maps”, and if you are looking for the train station in “Tilff” in Belgium, you will see a very special building, namely a huge protective wall, directly located beside the main line near the river. This double-track railway line and the wall at the railway station are the focus in this model train layout.

Therefore, the French speaking members of AMSAC call their model railway layout “LeMur”, meaning “The Wall” in English. The HO club layout was built especially for model train exhibitions. The layout has a length of about ten meters and depicts the main line along the river Ourthe in the Ardennes in Wallonia, Belgium.

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