Model Railroad Layout by Modelspoor Group Nienoord with Miniature Cars and more than 100 Trains in HO Scale

Near the Dutch city of Groningen, there is an amusement park for railway enthusiasts. Outside, there are two park railways and one garden railway; inside, there is the beautiful and amazing miniature world, built in HO scale by a model train club. This model railway covers an area of more than 100 square meters. There are the the flat Dutch countryside on the right, and the massive mountains of Switzerland and Austria on the left.

In the middle of the model train layout there is a large central station with many trains driving with authentic train length in 1:87 scale. In the town, there are self-driving miniature cars, for example a fire truck and a bus. Furthermore, behind the four-track railway embankment, there is a funfair or fairground. A fairground is often built on model railway layouts, but here there is a bumper car ride with little bumper cars moving themselves.

Everything has been built with a lot of attention to detail. Of course, there is also a day and night control, supported with special light and sound effects: The feeling of dusk and dawn is very realistic. The control of the model railroad is based on the MPC software from the German company Gahler + Ringstmeier.

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