The Superb Steam Locomotive on Mr. Porsche 's Garden Railway including Firing Up the Steam Engine

Behind the great “Porsche Traumwerk”, a toy and model railway museum in Southern Germany, there is Mr. Porsche’s very large garden railway. Some people say garden railroad, backyard railroad or miniature railway. Anyway, the rolling stock also includes a superb steam locomotive. The locomotive was built by some steam loco experts from Germany.

During the train operation the steam locomotive runs with 8 bar boiler pressure and generates a performance of 4 horsepower. Often Pilentum Television was invited to make video recordings inside the “Porsche Traumwerk”, but in this case not the large model railroad in H0 scale but the great garden railway was to be in the focus, especially how to fire up the steam locomotive. After firing up the steam loco we made some very relaxing and beautiful cab rides along the tracks.

Pilentum’s camera was installed on several positions on the locomotive. A very special camera angle is right in the driver's cab, immediately above the fire box. Porsche’s park railway consists of two large sections, more than 1.3 kilometers in total. This makes it one of the largest garden railways in Europe.

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