Something very rare: Model railway in TT scale with hand-built steam locomotives of Pomerania

This model railway layout was built by a model railroading club from Dresden, Germany. In East Germany the TT scale was very popular for model trains - both today and then. Therefore, the members of the club decided to rebuild an old branch line in the former Prussian province of Pomerania in TT scale. Once, this Prussian railway line was called “Franzburger Kreisbahnen”. The special feature of this model railroad layout is the rolling stock: Originally this Prussian railway line was not constructed in narrow gauge, but in meter gauge.

Therefore, the main problems on railway modelling were the steam locomotives, because there is no rolling stock in meter gauge for rail transport modelling in TT scale. Locomotives which were built as N scale models were reconstructed to locomotives in TT scale meter gauge. The construction of the modular model railway layout started in 2014. While the landscape was rebuilt on the basis of old files and old photos, locomotives and railway cars had to be reconstructed from N scale to TT scale by hand.

However, some freight cars and passenger cars were converted from TT gauge (narrow gauge) to TT gauge (meter gauge). On the modular model railway layout we can discover a typical East German atmosphere. There are small train stations, farms and even a light railway. The whole scenery presents Pomerania in the past. The abbreviation “DR” on steam locomotives and railway wagons means “Deutsche Reichsbahn”, i.e. the railway company in Germany before the Second World War or the railway company in East Germany.

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