Model Railway Layout “Hawthorn Dene Colliery” in N scale by Les Richardson

This N gauge model railway layout represents the North Eastern Region’s Durham Coast mainline, somewhere around Easington in the late steam period. The British railway modeller Les Richardson, member of the Bingham Model Railway Club, has built this layout. The old Hawthorn Dene Colliery no longer winds coal, but it is still in use, mainly preparing household coal for merchants and for the nearby landsale yard.

Colliery locomotives bring empties from the exchange sidings to the south for weighing and taking on to the screens, while full wagons are removed from the screens, weighed and taken to the exchange sidings. Buildings are typical of the area, though not modelled in the right places realative to each other. The layout is digitally controlled, using NCE Power Cabs. The semaphore Signal is by Dapol.

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