Duxbury OO Gauge Model Railway Layout by the Leamington & Warwick MRS - Warley Model Train Show 2018

The Leamington & Warwick Model Railway Society presented its OO gauge or 4mm/ft scale club layout at the great Warley National Model Railway Exhibition 2018. The model railway layout is made up of ten 2 feet x 4 feet plywood baseboards giving an overall dimension of 16 feet x 8 feet. The mainline and branch leave their fiddle yards and curve round into the main station area, passing the engine shed, turntable and LT storage sidings on the right.

The station has one bay platform with a run round, two through platforms and a loop platform which normally serves the branch but can hold other down trains to let express trains pass. Behind the branch platform is a small three road parcels and sundry goods depot. The two track main line leaves the station and curves back around into the fiddle yard. Track is a mixture of flexible track by Scale Model Productions Marcway and copper clad construction points and crossovers - all Code 75. Signalling is a variety of colour light and semaphore.

All points and signals are electrically remote controlled. During the past twelve months the members of the Leamington & Warwick Model Railway Society have completely rewired the model railroad layout and it now operates under the MERG electronics system, which has enhanced the operational reliability of the layout immensely. The model train layout can also operate under DCC control to further display the versatility of the Model Electronic Railway Group (MERG) system.

The miniature world of Duxbury Station is loosely based on Aylesbury in 1960. Aylesbury was the one time terminus for the Metropolitan Railway trains from Aldgate, Liverpool Street and Baker Street with a bay being provided for the purpose. These trains were electrically hauled to Rickmansworth where a BR locomotive would take over. However, with the extension of electrification to Amersham, the Aylesbury service was discontinued in the early 1960's.

During railway modelling the club layout the members imagined, that London Transport extended the 3rd and 4th rail all the way to Aylesbury. This way on the club layout are running both electrically hauled LT trains using the famous Metropolitan Bo-Bo's as well as the Underground units. Furthermore, there are steam trains, albeit in BR guise, as well as diesel and electric trains.

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