If you are the manager of a large model train show or if you run a commercial public model railway exhibition or if you have a private model railroad, you can invite Pilentum Television to create a video documentary. This video documentation will be published on all social networks, especially on YouTube, so that you can reach millions of viewers.

Pilentum Television also known as Markus Lenz does not charge a fee for filming or for video post-production. The only costs you need to consider are travel expenses and accommodation costs for one person. Markus Lenz lives in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Frankfurt am Main is centrally located in Europe, has the largest airport as well as numerous rail connections, so Markus is very flexible and mobile to visit your exhibition or model train layout.

In recent years, Pilentum Television has been hired by many exhibition organisers to produce video presentations. In addition, many model railway clubs have invited Pilentum to shoot videos and photos of their exhibition layout. Many people also have made a one or two day appointment to have their private layout filmed by Markus Lenz.

c/o Mr. Markus Lenz
Gesellschaft für multimediale Dienste
und Unternehmenskommunikation KG
60314, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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Pilentum Television is the largest international video network for railway modelling and model railroading. Pilentum’s website is available in many other languages.