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Welcome to the largest video channel that presents exclusively videos about model railroads, model railways and model trains. In 2013, Markus Lenz, who lives in Frankfurt am Main in Germany, founded the video channel "Pilentum Television". For over ten years, Markus Lenz runs the video channel: He films model trains, edits the videos and publishes his motion pictures on YouTube and on other video streaming services. He is producer, cameraman, editor and director of over 550 videos at once.

Markus Lenz - Pilentum Television
Figure: Markus Lenz (Pilentum Television)

Although he holds a degree of Master of Business Administration and works for a management consulting company, he spends his free time working intensively with television cameras, digital video technology and constructs special cameras to produce video recordings of miniature worlds from the train driver's point of view.

Model Train Camera - Pilentum Television
Figure: Model Train Camera

Model Railway Camera - Pilentum Television
Figure: Model Railway Camera

Model Railroad Camera - Pilentum Television
Figure: Model Railroad Camera

In addition, Markus Lenz is an online marketing & strategy specialist who knows how to achieve a large reach in social media networks. With his YouTube channel, for example, he has reached almost 150,000 subscribers and well over 62 million views. Because the Internet is international, content must also be offered in different languages. Because Markus Lenz can speak several languages, video titles and video descriptions are available in more than 20 languages.


The first video edited by Pilentum Television was released on 25 May 2013. There are now over 550 videos available on YouTube. All videos listed in the Video Directory report on model train layouts in all gauges and scales. There are videos in which the most beautiful steam locomotives are presented. There are videos in which modern high-speed trains in 1/87 scale and in 1/160 scale are shown. Of course, there are also videos in which uniquely detailed dioramas are presented. Because model railways know no borders, there are videos about model railroads from all continents and countries.

Video Equipment

A craftsman needs good tools to do a perfect job. It's the same with video production for model railways and model railroads: Markus Lenz uses high-quality television cameras to achieve the best possible picture quality for his viewers. For over 20 years, videos have been edited with the Edius Broadcast editing system, formerly offered by Canopus and today by Grass Valley. The music heard in Pilentum's videos is played by Markus Lenz himself on the digital piano. In his videos, Markus Lenz looks for the perfect camera angles to film model locomotives and trains and landscapes in such a way that they appear almost realistic.

JVC Broadcasting Camera - Pilentum Television
Figure: JVC Broadcasting Camera

Panasonic Broadcasting Camera - Pilentum Television
Figure: Panasonic Broadcasting Camera

But Pilentum Television does not exist because Markus Lenz is an ambitious filmmaker. Pilentum exists because there are endless model builders, model railroaders and railway enthusiasts in this world who construct beautiful model train layouts and miniature dioramas. They all deserve to be preserved for eternity with a video documentary. Furthermore, they all these miniature and model worlds deserve to be presented on Pilentum Television.

Video Upload

Unfortunately, Markus Lenz cannot visit every model train layout in the world. Nevertheless, there is also the opportunity to present your model train layout to Pilentum Television's international audience. You can reach millions of viewers! All you need is a good camera or a camera integrated in your mobile phone: You create video footage of your model railway yourself. Your video footage can contain trains, landscapes, buildings and much more. The video data is transferred via the Internet.

Markus Lenz receives this video data, takes care of image and colour corrections, does the video editing and finally produces a high-quality video presentation of your model railroad layout. Of course, the video title and video description are translated into different languages. In addition, your name will be mentioned in the video description. Your Internet address is also mentioned as reference. Send a message to Markus Lenz and Pilentum Television will present your model train diorama.




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