Published: July 30, 2021

This is the latest video posted by Pilentum Television on YouTube. The video is titled “Model trains in action on HO scale layout modules” and presents a large and fully operating model railroad layout consisting of many modules in HO scale. Trains run in two-rail or three-rail operation as required and are operated by Digital Command Control. A total of 168 individual modules are currently available, whereby these layout modules can be individually configured to form a large setup in 1/87 scale (H0).

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Trainini Model Railway Magazine

On this website, you can download more than 36 issues of the Trainini Model Railway Magazine. The Trainini Magazine is a free magazine and electronic journal for railway and railroad enthusiasts of Z Scale. But there are also reports about other scales. Furthermore, there are many tutorials about railway modelling.

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Model Railway Express eMagazine

On Pilentum's website, you can also download 20 issues of the British journal, called Model Railway Express eMagazine. This is an online publication produced by a group of model railway enthusiasts in the United Kingdom. Inside the magazine, there are high-quality reports and even guidebooks for railway modelling.

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Central Ferreo - Revista Digital De Ferreomodelismo

For those interested in model railroading and railway modelling in Brazil, Pilentum offers five issues of the high quality Central Ferreo Magazine on this website. Written in Portuguese language and dedicated to model railroaders and railway enthusiasts, there are detailed reports about Brazilian model railway layouts and very good instructions and tutorials about model trains.

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Pilentum Television is the largest international video network for railway modelling and model railroading. Pilentum just wants to document the the beauty of landscape modelling and the uniqueness of model train layouts around the world. This website offers an overview of all videos published so far.