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As you know, Pilentum is not a company. Pilentum is a completely private Internet project and YouTube project, operated by Markus Lenz from Germany. It all started many years ago, when Markus was trying to make photos and videos of detailled objects in macro photography mode. And over time, a preference had arisen to visit model railway layouts and model railroad exhibits for making YouTube videos. And, these videos are not for commercial use. At any time, you can watch them on YouTube, for free.

Plans and Goals in the Future

Of course, it is a great pleasure for Pilentum, to delight people from all over the world with videos about model trains, model railways and model railroads. And, on YouTube there are more and more comments, subscribers and compliments for the camera work. But behind the scenes, there are costs for the website, for the camera equipment and for the travel expenses. Pilentum would meet the wishes of viewers, for example, making videos in 4K quality, inventing a new camera car for making cab ride videos in HO scale or N scale, and visiting all the famous model train shows and model railroad exhibits in the world.

Financing and Support through Donations

But all these projects, plans and goals may not be financed by an individual. Perhaps, one way to reach those goals in the future, are donations with A donation with PayPal can help, to produce new videos and can help to increase the attractiveness of model railroading and railway modelling, especially among the youth. So, if you want to support Pilentum, please make a donation to - Thank You! In gratitude, your name is mentioned on this page.

Pilentum's PayPal Friends

Daniel Skiba, New York, USA

Bernard Cobb, United Kingdom

Pilentum's PayPal Friends
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