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It all started many years ago in Germany, when the author Markus Lenz was trying to make photos and videos of detailled objects in macro photography mode. And over time, a preference had arisen to visit model railway exhibitions for making documentary films. So the project's name Pilentum was born, because this word comes from the Latin language and it means something like waggon or coach. Thus it sounds more interesting, the name "Pilentum Television" was choosen for this project.

Today, Pilentum Television is specialised in making documentary films about the beautiful world of model trains, model railways and model railroads. These documentary films are not for commercial use. At any time, you can watch them on YouTube, for free. On Pilentum's website, there are describtions of more than 230 videos about model train layouts in all scales or gauges, for example Z scale, N scale, TT scale, HO scale, OO scale, G scale, O scale, 1 Gauge and live steam model railways.

There are also some special reports and downloads on Pilentum's website:
Please, read the special report of using a 360° camera from Google Street View for photo-mapping the famous model railway layout in the "Miniature Wunderland" in Germany. Download some pictures of the famous American Locomotive Company or of the great London Midland and Scottish Railway. Are you interested in downloading free .mp3 sound files of steam locomotives? Please, visit Pilentum's Free MP3 Sound Files for listening to 28 steam train sounds. And, there are 60 wallpaper, screensaver and background images presenting German model trains and locomotives. You may download Pilentum's Royalty-Free Stock Images in 2,560 x 1,440 pixels (16:9) or 5,184 x 3,456 pixels (3:2). There is no license fee, and no download fee. Would you like to take a look behind the scenes? Then, please, read Pilentum's report of "How To Make Cab Ride Videos".

Discover Pilentum's photo and video gallery:
There are more than 8,455 photos of beautiful model railways. The photos are saved in six chapters #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 and #6. And, the video gallery contains six chapters #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 and #6. Since October 2017, 14.738.828 people enjoyed Pilentum's YouTube channel - what about you? Pilentum is also available on Faceboook, on Instagram and Flickr. Please, take also a look at Pilentum's video library for mobile phones on