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Pilentum Television Model Railroad Pilentum Television Model Railway

Pilentum Television is specialised in making documentary films about the beautiful world of model trains, model railways and model railroads. These documentary films are not for commercial use. You can watch them on YouTube, for free. Actually, on Pilentum's website there are describtions of 140 videos about model train layouts in all scales. Furthermore, there are more than 6,400 photos of these beautiful model train layouts. Pilentum Television is based in Germany, but this website is written in English language. It's separated into 15 regions for railway modellers in the United States, in Australia, in Canada, in Ghana, in Hong Kong, in India, in Ireland, in Kenya, in New Zealand, in Nigeria, in the Philippines, in Singapore, in South Africa, in Uganda and in the United Kingdom because there are different technical terms in these countries. If you are located in another country, please prefer the website for the United States.

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